Current Conditions at Lily Lake

There is a SNOTEL located just above Lily Lake. (Near the “CC” on the map) It remotely reports weather conditions there once an hour. Checking this site before you go up will give you an idea of what current conditions are at Lily Lake. This snotel is part of a statewide system that can be accessed here to get a sense of the current conditions in the whole area.

BRORA has also contributed to the installation of a weather station at Moffat Peak south of the ski area.  The unit is being relocated at present and is not active.  It will be relinked when it is operational.  Both of these real time weather stations are important inputs into the avalanche forecasting work of the Utah Avalanche Center. The Lily Lake trail system is in an area of fairly low avalanche danger, but if you are going to go off the main trails be sure to check this link. It is a year of very unstable snow pack and high avalanche danger.

  1. IMWD

    Please feel free to share conditions of your outing for others to see.

    • Cami Kessenich
      Cami Kessenich01-30-2014

      We got about 8″ at our house this morning, so the area should be wonderful!

  2. Joe Wright
    Joe Wright03-20-2014

    BRORA bash was great, about 35, best groomed trails of the year. After the big blow on Mon. it snowed vertical Tue. 2″ at trail head 3″ up high. Hopefully great grooming for the week end.

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