Ridge is about five to six miles from the North Slope Road Trail Head, depending upon the route of travel. The yurt can be accessed by skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling. The East Fork Trail over Dead man’s Pass is a rugged, steep, challenge especially when pulling a gear laden sled. Another access route climbs up Sage Draw, past Lily Lake, through a dense part of the forest, and into a small mountain meadow. Just beyond the meadow, the trail narrows and is framed by overhanging trees. There is one last short, steep, slick section of trail that leads to the top of the ridge at 9,350 feet. The Ridge Yurt is sheltered in a natural bowl just below the ridge top. The mountain slope east of the Ridge Yurt, descending more than a thousand feet to the East Fork of the Bear River is a fine opportunity for backcountry turns. Be cognizant of snow conditions and watch for any signs of avalanches. Atop the ridge, the view to the southeast along the East Fork drainage terminates with a stunning image of Mount Beulah.