BRORA Yurt Orientation

BRORA board member Joe Wright gives a yurt orientation, demonstrating proper use of equipment and other amenities.

Backcountry Skiing the BRORA Yurts in the Uinta Mountains

Lily Lake and Boundary Creek Snowshoe Trip

Boundary Creek Yurt Trip

Shad Hamilton goes on a three day yurt to yurt ski tour in the Uinta mountain range outside of Evanston, Wyoming.
George Coon, Phineas Coon, and Wayne Hamill snowshoe through the winter wonderland up in the Northern Uintas on a three day adventure, treking to the Lily Lake Yurt and then to the Boundary Creek Yurt.
KSL Outdoors segment featuring backcountry ski tours from the BRORA Yurts, located in the Uinta Mountains, Utah. Includes the Ridge Yurt and Boundary Creek Yurt. Originally aired on KSL Outdoors on January 11, 2014

Ridge Yurt Trip, April 2016

Dan Adams Outdoor Show

2016 Family Yurt Trip

Devin, Mel and Dan cross country skiing into a BRORA Yurt in the beautiful Uinta Mountains in north eastern Utah.  
Join the Coleman and Pilkington Families on their trip to the BRORA East Fork Yurt December 28-29, 2016. 
Here are a few fun clips of our Snowshoeing trip this year. We ended up going to the BRORA Ridge Yurt in the Uintahs, and had a blast!

Lily Lake and Boundary Creek 2014

East Fork Yurt 2012

Uinta Yurts

Uinta Yurt Trip February 2012
Yurt to yurt adventures in the Uintas, accessed from Evanston, Wyoming
Here are a few shots of our January 2014 Yurt Trip. We went to 2 yurts this time, one each night of our 3 day trek in the high Uintah Mountains in Northern Utah.

East Fork Yurt 2012

Boundary Creek Yurt 2013

Ridge Yurt, 2011

Ridge Yurt trip in 2011 featuring a lot of turns on untracked backcountry snow. 
Lily Lake Yurt in northern Utah. Uinta Mountains, 2011.
Skiing above Boundary Creek Yurt.

Ridge Yurt, 2018

The whole Hamilton clan did a yurt to yurt backcountry ski trip in the Uintas up behind Evanston, Wyoming. Quite an adventure!