Six yurts have been erected and are maintained in a cooperative venture between the Forest Service and BRORA, with regular assistance from B.R.O.R.A. members and local Boy Scout troops. The yurts are available for rental throughout the year.

Yurts are unique round tents modeled after the structures made famous by Genghis Kahn and his Mongolian hordes as they swept down the Asian Steppes to conquer most of the eastern world. Skiers from as far away as Europe and Asia have come to Uinta County to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience of back-country skiing up to the yurts and spending the night in these truly unique and comfortable tents.
Our yurts are equipped with bunks, a propane stove (propane included), kitchen utensils and plenty of firewood to ward off the cold. Day and overnight facilities are provided for groups of 8 or less at Bear Claw, East Fork, Lily Lake, and Ridge yurts.  Beulah Vista, our newest yurt can accomodate groups of 12.  Boundary Creek is located in the wilderness area about 7 miles from the trail head.  It does NOT have a groomed trail into it. Boundary Creek Yurt requires that you have the backcountry skills, routefinding ability, physical conditioning, and proper equipment to safely enjoy the experience.

Reservations are required for all the yurts and can be made through the Evanston Rec Center.
Lily Lake Trail Map
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